Since Monday morning at 4:45, my son has been out of my hands and on his own.  He joined many of his eighth grade class on a school trip to the Outer Banks.

Hubby and I have been struggling with the whole independent, self-sufficient thing with our son.  I’m sure it’s all my fault, being the mom and all, that he isn’t where we think he should be on the “grow up” chart, but he’s getting there.  I was thrilled that he was excited to go on this trip with his classmates.  Talk about do or starve!  No one is going to help him but himself on this trip.

But….  I miss him!  Cell phones or electronics of any kind were not allowed on the trip.  They even checked all suitcases and scanned the kids before they got on the bus.  I haven’t talked with him since Monday.  No communication whatsoever.  Just feels wrong.

While I want my son to learn to do for himself (and he NEEDS to learn to do for himself), I don’t like it one bit that I can’t at least talk to him.  I don’t want to sing him a lullaby, just ask how his day was.  Funny thing is, though, while we can’t check in with them, if they do one thing wrong, we have to drive 7 hours to pick them up and bring them home.  Wouldn’t it be better to have the kids check in with their parent’s once a day so we can warn them that if they mess up and have to be picked early, that seven hour ride back home will not be pretty?  I would think that would be quite helpful. 

After going to his High School orientation recently, the shock of only four more years until college was too much for me.  Not just because it seemed like yesterday I was in high school (although that certainly pushed me closer to the edge!), I sat there in that auditorium, half listening, because I had to tell myself, “don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.  Four more years!  Then the real world will get a hold of my son. 

I have my work cut out for me.  He’s an awesome kid.  I’m really not that worried.  I’m just glad he will be home tonight.  I might baby him a wee bit when he gets home.  But tomorrow, yes siree, for sure he’s picking out clothes all by himself.  I’m even going to make him pour his own milk!  Ha!   ; )