It’s amazing what one gallon of paint can do.  It’s like HAPPY in a can.  And the perfect color of paint is like ON CLOUD NINE in a can!  No kidding!  I get teased a lot for always “painting something” in my house.  But the end result of just a couple of hours of work is amazing.

My BFF and I have been friends for almost 2 decades.  She has humored me through all my house changes and even participated in many rearrangements of furniture, accessories and has picked out paint colors with me.  And she’s great at it.  She is a designer after all.  But in her own house, she hasn’t changed much in a very very long time.  I know!  It’s shocking ! Ha!  She has a very busy Hubby and she doesn’t tackle paint on her own.  (Yet I still love her.)  So today, with one gallon of paint, we painted her kids bathroom and the laundry room in a day.  Less than a day.  Less than a school day actually!  And she even had a paint brush in her hand.  And used it!  (That information is for her unbelieving hubby.)  We bought a shower curtain, shower rod and hooks, toothbrush holder (at HomeGoods), and paint at Home Depot all for under $100.00!  Her bathroom and laundry rooms are totally transformed.  And while a gallon of paint can’t solve the problems of the world, it can, for very little money, change the mood and spirit of a girl and a room (or two).  AND it was fun!

I haven’t mastered taking good pictures yet!  This is the color we used.  It doesn’t show up in my pictures as stunning as it really is.

Benjamin Moore HC150 Yarmouth Blue

BFF painting. I’m so proud! The old color was a light salmon in the bathroom.

Laundry room. It had the original builders paint for (gulp!) more than a decade. : 0