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Fall Wreath

fall wreathHello!  It’s the first full week of school and the end of August.  I can hardly believe it will be September in a couple of days!  I love Fall!  I know it’s still ninety degrees outside, but a girl can dream.

I have made this year’s first fall wreath.  It’s currently hanging on the inside of my house, but come September 1st, it’s going to be on the outside of the door!  I’m ready, first cold front, do you hear me?

I found the insulation tubing at Lowes for about a dollar.  Styrofoam forms are expensive, I think. Either that or I’m just cheap, so this was a bargain! Here’s how I made it…

  • Cut insulating foam tube to the size “wreath” you want.
  • Cut a 12 inch x 3 yards of burlap and folded it in half width-wise.
  • Sewed a 2 1/2 in seam allowance.
  • Slide the burlap on the foam tube.
  • Cut a piece of left-over tubing on the score line and roll it up tight and cover the ends with duck tape.  I pushed the left-over piece into the ends of the tubing before duct taping the circle together.  It helps hold the circle together while applying the tape.
  • Finish gathering the burlap to cover the duct tape.
  • Fray the edges and decorate.

Michael’s has an awesome selection of Fall picks and decorations! : )  I could spend a day in there!

fall wreath

wreath Laurie burlap wreath

Okay Fall… I’m ready!

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Why I Changed my Blog Name

I changed the name of my blog.  Why?  I felt inspired to.  Some may find the reason just plain kooky, others might be nodding their heads after reading this and say “wow, that’s happened to me too”.

So why?  Well, for a long time now, years really, I have seen the numbers 1234 on clocks.  Every time I look, it would be 12:34.  It got my attention and it freaked me out at first.  But as time went on, I started seeing the number 34 everywhere.  Numerous times a day.  I’d wake up in the middle of the night and the time would be 1:34 or 3:34, etc.  Randomly during the day I will look at the clock or cell phone and it’s 34 past the hour.  I see the number 34 on license plates, telephone numbers, clocks, anywhere with numbers.  If I try to look for the number intentionally though, I don’t see it.  It’s only when I’m not looking. Or maybe I see it when I need to see it. Now it feels comforting. I feel like someone is saying “hello, you’re not alone”. And I am thankful.

But of course, being me, I had to research on it. I knew what I felt, but I wanted to see what was said out there in cyberspace about repeating numbers. What did it mean? Did it even mean anything at all?  Was I just nuts?  (Always a possibility!)  But after some investigation, I discovered that the number 34 in “angel numbers” means you are surrounded by angels.  It says… “You have a lot of help around you right now! Both the ascended masters and the angels are here to assist, guide, and love you. Reach out to them, as they are reaching out to you.”  Wow! I’m good with that! : )

A couple of weeks after I changed the blog name, a friend told me our Pastor was going to give a sermon on angels that Sunday. I never heard a sermon specifically on angels before. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear it.  I have very strong feelings about angels and I didn’t want anyone telling me what I believed was wrong. (Although I knew I was right!) But the Pastor’s sermon was a relief.  Everything I felt and believed about angels was true to the Bible.  They are real and they are here to help us.  Then our Pastor said that angels are mentioned in 34 different books of the bible.  Thirty-four!!!  I think the folks sitting around me heard my gasp, followed by the sound of my jaw hitting the ground! It took me a moment to catch my breath.

So there you go.  My “House of 34″ story.  It felt right to change to name.  The number makes me smile.  It’s a gentle reminder to be thankful and there’s a feeling of awe knowing we are watched over with love.

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The End of Summer

Wow!  The last full week before school starts is drawing to an end.  We have spent this past week at the beach in Isle of Palms, South Carolina with extended family… eight of us in all.  We are all golden brown, well rested and at least 5 pounds heavier!  What more could ya ask for?

Tomorrow is back to reality.  In just a few days, we will be meeting teachers, buying last-minute school supplies and filling the last days before school with friends, video games and lying around in pajamas.  Not a bad way to end the summer!

What an awesome kite!

Isle of Palms


My fish kids

Me and Hubby

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